March 16, 2010-03-21

My 33 years old birthday


I woke up around kl. 7.00 that morning - couldn’t sleep longer even though it was my day off and sort of a special day – I became one year older - 33 years old or known as Jesus age. When one reaches the point of 30-ties the idea of birthday becomes sadder and sadder every year. It makes us think of all the things we have already achieved and the things that should be still worked on. Not to mention the so-called middle age crisis.  

I took my cozy bathrobe on and went to the bathroom to see if I got another wrinkle as a nice “free package” that accompanies us year after year. When I got out from our bedroom, I could smell the fried bacon and eggs – a nice romantic surprise from my loving husband on my birthday. We have been married three years now but it still feels as if it was only yesterday that I had my gorgeous wedding dress on. Martin, my husband is to years younger than I am, and I often make jokes that he should have married a young pretty Danish girl instead.

When I got down to our kitchen, I saw my husband running around trying to make a million things at the same time. On our kitchen table were two vases filled with 33 tulips – my favorite flowers. At that very moment I said to myself that I should always remember that moment especially when I feel down or unloved. I am very lucky to have such a caring and loving husband who gets up before the sunrise to make sure his wife the best morning ever.

I poured some coffee for myself and sat down at our cozy couch to see our favorite morning program “God morgen Danmark”. It is seldom that the morning can be so relaxing, therefore I am trying to get the most of it. Soon will wake up Elisabeth, our daughter, who is almost 2 years old and the crazy routine will start again.

Around 10:00 when Elisabeth was at daycare and Martin was gone for work I sat down before computer to see what’s new in my mail box and right at that moment I got sms from Martin asking me to find a book where I found a postcard with the further very intriguing instructions: “I should be dressed up and be ready to be picked up around kl. 12.30”. The day promised to be even better than I thought.

Just exactly at the instructed by my husband’s card I was standing ready waiting for a miracle to happen. The miracle was a taxi driver who asked me the address as soon as I sat down in the car. I said I had no idea and that it was a surprise to me. At some point, I was sure he thought I was “an ordered and paid girl” but he calmed down when I told him that was my birthday and that the surprise was arranged by my husband.

The truth about Danish taxi is that they cost the fortune and even though I was supposed to relax and enjoy the mysteriousness of that trip I could not but notice with the corner of my eye how quickly were changing the “the sum to be paid”. I had no idea what to expect from the day and that was both very romantic and intriguing. When we arrived to the destination place – and that was our favorite restaurant - I saw my husband dressed up like a James Bond waiting for the taxi to stop to open the door for me. I think I had both full of amusement and maybe a little bit stupid expression on face, as Martin could not stop but smiling. When I got out from taxi my first words were: “Aren’t you supposed to be at work today?” In the restaurant on our table laid a beautiful red rose and the very next second the waiter came up with two glasses of wine and a perfectly small size jewelry box. All was so romantic and reminded a very romantic proposal… When I opened the jewelry box there was a very elegant pearl-ring that matched my pearl set. And here where I began to cry J.

That was one of our coziest and romantic lunches. We were talking and drinking and just enjoying the time together that unfortunately ran so quickly. Everything inside of me wished the time stopped and that we had more of such moments. But unfortunately when the daily routine comes into our family lives and we get kids it becomes more and more difficult to have time to ourselves and to remember the feeling of “falling in love” with each other. The good thing is that I have a very loving and romantic husband who is very good at arranging such moments that helps us to remember how important it is to spend time with each other.

Later that day we went for a walk and saw a movie in the cinema sitting together in the “love seats” – never experienced sitting there before by the way.

That was a perfect day. I would say one of my best birth-days, as I am not so much into “big parties”. I love to be together with people I am close with and that I love spending time with. And that was the day that I am absolutely sure I will remember for a good while.